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Mr.Hưng: 0983.120.518
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Xin chào, Tôi muốn mua sản phẩm
Mr.Hưng: 0983.120.518
Xin chào, Tôi muốn mua sản phẩm
Mr.Hùng: 0987.322.688
Xin chào, Tôi muốn mua sản phẩm

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Bộ điều khiển kiểm soát cửa EP.S3200

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  • Serial :  ASE001208
  • Hãng sản xuất:  Entrypass
  • Hàng trong kho:  Còn hàng
  • Giá :  Liên Hệ
  • Lượt truy cập: 3421
  • Số tiền để mua (Cho một sản phẩm):
  • Số lượng:
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Still an important and relevant system today, EntryPass Serial Communicators enables transmission of information between computers or between computers and peripheral devices one bit at a time over a single line, either synchronous or asynchronous.  Our range of Serial Communication devices varies from integrated controllers with built-in readers to advanced 4 readers control panel and even hybrid input/output control panels to suit your specific needs and requirements. 

Based on the latest HCB (Hybrid Compact Board), S3200 is a high reliability, high efficiency and highly integrated intelligent multi-application control panel targeted for physical access control industry. It features a 32bits Freescale ColdFire microcontroller running at 60MHz, this control panel can fulfill most demanding requirement in physical access control environment.
2 In doors interlocking within the control panel, no external wiring is needed. Cross-board interlocking is achievable by acquiring the interlocking signal coming from second control panel before granting the accessibility to the local access.
DSA empower system administrator to modify the factory preset card holder and event storage database whenever necessary. Result of such modification leads a more personalized usage of the control panel whenever needed.
Feature Highlight
Mixed Profile Operation
Event Based Triggering
Support Future Add-On Module
User Counting (Card Holder / Car Park)
Support 30,000 Users And 80,000 Event MemorySupport Single / 2-In doors
Support Car Park Mode
Compatible with various reader technologies
Dynamic Storage Allocation
Dynamic Operation Profile
MCU 32bits @ 60MHz
Memory 256K Flash Memory
32K SRAM (Buffer)
64Mbits Non-Volatile SPI Flash Memory (Storage)
Card holder 30,000
Event Transaction 80,000
Digital/Supervise Inputs Max. 8, User configurable
(Door Sensor/Request-To-Exit/Fire Input/General Purpose)
Digital Output Max. 4 Dry contact Relay
Onboard Real Time Clock Yes
Serial Communication Port RS232/RS485 User Configurable
Power Protection Resettable Fuse - 2.5A
Surge Protection TVS - Up to 15KVA
Onboard LED Control Power / Communication / Event / Error
Onboard Buzzer 1
AC Fail Monitoring Yes
Battery Monitoring Yes (Firmware threshold control to shutdown control panel)
External Short Circuit Protection At readers
Backup Battery Yes, Apply to RTC only


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